Certbar Security Team

Working as an extension of your team to combat cyber threats
By leveraging our understanding of the tactics attackers use to breach defenses, in-depth knowledge of the latest security tools, unique manual approach, and a commitment to innovation, we ensure our clients are armed to continuously prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats. Our focus is to provide security for our client's internet-facing application and underlying infrastructure. Certbar undertakes Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Services with its unique model of "No Leaf Left Unturned". In this time of limited skill set and high cost, we are able to provide high-quality service at a cost that balances the business value with the associated security concerns. Our thoroughly researched methodologies and our knowledge of the latest cyber security threats help us provide the best insights into the security posture of our clients' IT assets. Certbar delivers this value through its three main activities i.e. Assessment, Training, and Consulting Services.

Why Choose Certbar for your
Cyber Security Needs?

We aim in delivering a continuous approach to mitigate the Cyber Security needs.

  • Best Practice

    Our Services are designed to adopt the best practice policy and methodology.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

    Strategies & techniques that help to identify blind spots in cyber environment

  • Information Integration

    Integration helps us to bring the right attention to your information security needs

  • Trust & Integrity

    Consultancy to various law enforcement agencies including intelligence agencies of India

  • Proactive Team

    Our highly dedicated, skilled and expert team offer best services to our clients

  • Advice

    Our services can develop solutions for every aspect of your business that help to secure your information

  • Transform

    We aim to provide you professional solutions to enhance information security

  • Manage

    We foster post service support system to cater your needs with respect to our services


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The ability to direct individual accomplishments
toward organizational objectives.

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