• Introduction
  • SOC Approach
  • Methodology

What does the SOC team do?

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a team of cybersecurity personnel dedicated to monitoring and analyzing threads/threats that attackers are possing against your organization. The core reason to hire a SOC team is for your to secure and prevent your organizational data which you might be collecting from your users/customer/clients/vendors. Regulatory & compliance bodies such as data protection bill, NIST, CERT (MEITY), RBI, SEBI, NSE, Indian Railway, NITI Aayog, TRAI, etc. has measures for organization’s security while responding to potential or current breaches.

Certbar's first line of defense works around the clock to protect an organization’s security infrastructure from potential cyber threats.

SOC as a Service provides

  • SIEM platform management including health and availability monitoring, software patching, OS maintenance,  and backup.
  • SIEM platform configuration including fine-tuning of rules, creation of custom use-cases, dashboards, reports and log parsers.
  • 24/7 monitoring of events and alerting of security incidents (validation by SOC analysts).
  • Enhanced threat visibility leveraging Certbar’s Cyber Threat Sensor providing advanced network traffic analysis.
  • Compliance monitoring, reporting and notification based on client requirements.
  • Dedicated SOC analysts.
  • Continual reduction in business risks.
  • Strengthened security posture by analysing cyber threat activity.
  • Improved audit process, alignment and ability to satisfy regulatory or industry compliance requirements and objectives.
  • Maximized functional use aligned to your business requirements.
  • Scalable and flexible without any extra cost.