• Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing

VA (Vulnerability Assessment) helps you identify the weaknesses in your IT assets while PT (Penetration Testing) helps you measure the risk of that weakness by demonstrating its exploitation/impact on your business.

VAPT could include anything from automated vulnerability assessment to manual testing led by humans to identify business logic vulnerabilities and red teaming operations.

Organizations are constantly under the prying eyes of cybercriminals looking to exploit your IT infrastructure which you have built with hard work and tenacious processes. As technology is experiencing a significant shift that demands organizations to stay ahead of the emerging threats as there is a significant spike in data breaches and infiltration.

VA is an aggressive and automated review method to enumerate & identify weaknesses of network, servers, web applications, mobile applications, cloud configurations, and system benchmarks.

Identifying those key vulnerabilities and configuration issues that an attacker can leverage in gaining access to the network or system.

Our services will help you enhance your security posture which will result in business enhancement and boosting customer confidence.

PT is an in-depth, expert-driven activity focused on exploiting vulnerabilities from various possible routes that an attacker could use to leverage your organization’s IT assets and gain privileged access to the network or system.

In addition to VA, PT combined will aid in demonstrating potential business risks that an attacker could carry out.

Answering the question “What could a properly motivated attacker do?”