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A resilient journey

Our journey has been all about our commitment to clients and a passion for cybersecurity. From day 1, our aim has been to become a leading cybersecurity consultant for businesses of all types.

September 2020


  • Launched in Sept 2020, we focused on building a knowledge based culture and developing an in-house training.
  • Landed our 1st client in December through a red-teaming challenge and started hiring freshers who trained on our in-house training to deliver the best cybersecurity outcomes.
July 2021


  • Build to team of 5 Members including Nirav Goti (our COO who joined us in June 2021).
  • On-boarded 3 more clients by accepting their Red Teaming challenges.
  • Challenge: Get your hands on our data and the project is yours.
December 2021

Figuring Out

  • Establishing a maturity model where we can upgrade ourselves to be equipped enough to secure our clients.
  • Allocating budget to diversify from just a VAPT company to a cybersecurity consultancy, a request from our fellow clients to provide more than VAPT.
  • Increased capabilities in VAPT and started experimenting with SOC monitoring.
June 2022

Learnt New Things

  • Achieving clear cut understanding of SOC monitoring & SOAR with open source tools like Wazuh, Shuffle, MISP, Cortex and theHive.
  • Being prepared to start a free SOC monitoring service to further aid our diversification Strategy.
  • Creating in-house labs to train fresh talent in VAPT and upgraded our CCWAP training.
  • Started providing consultation on 5 major compliances.
December 2022

Leveling Up

  • Demonstrated a commitment to improvement by strengthening our VAPT methodology to do more with less (Hardwork + Smartwork).
  • Hired 5 members in SOC monitoring team and provided free services to 5 clients with drills on Incident response and POCs.
  • Started building capabilities in configuration audits.
July 2023

Major Upgrade

  • Completed 5 compliance projects where clients achieved their certificates. (ISO 27001, PCI, SOC 2 & GDPR)
  • Capitalized on SOC monitoring services & configuration audits. Planned to focus on more managed services.
  • Implemented KPIs for every established systems and planned to focus on prioritization and risk quantification.
  • Started investing in marketing. Till June 2023 our spent was 0 on marketing.
December 2023


  • Explored the core problems of organizations with respect to attack surface management and vendor risk management.
  • Gained a firm grip on vulnerability management tools to focus on prioritization.
  • Explored data privacy and started free trials with our clients as per GDPR, DPDPA - 2023 and CCPA.
  • Explored deep/dark web monitoring tools and aided our clients with necessary actions.
June 2024

Major Milestone

  • Updated our in-house training courses for web, mobile, network and thick client applications.
  • Started buidling our own mobile application to be used as lab for training purpose.
  • Completed R&D and free projects of Data Privacy, AI Security and IoT Security.
  • Lauched a new website from all the learnings since 2022.
  • Upgraded our in-house labs and team started to play CTFs in-house.
2024 and beyond

Looking Forward To

  • Expanding service portfolio
  • Starting our own surveys and podcasts
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Continuous Improvement

Success in numbers

A company started as VAPT service provider has now evolved into the trust factor of cybersecurity consultants for our clients.

MSSP Customers


SIEM & SOC Customers


VAPT Customers


Security Consultations


Enterprise Customers


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Guiding principles for a secured business future

We understand that a strong future is built on robust security. Hence, all our actions help us deliver security solutions that really matter for your business


To rigorously develop, maintain and upgrade the security methodologies to provide tailor-made solutions for each organization.


To equip and facilitate cyber security enthusiastic people by providing them a road map to serve and practice the most robust security cycle to serve our clients.


Communication that’s backed by honesty and transparency is the key for us. When blended with a commitment to innovation through advanced strategies and tools, we stay true to our vision for our clients.

Proactive business solutions for you

Modern IT infrastructure is a complex ecosystem. Providing comprehensive security requires taking a multifaceted, proactive approach across the OSI model throughout the network layer to the application layer.

Pentest Management

As your forward-thinking security partner, we take a proactive approach to identify and address vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

  • Vulnerability prioritization helps you maintain your security posture.

Incident Response

Our managed security services provide 24/7 monitoring of your systems to mitigate high-risk areas in your IT, OT & AI infrastructure preventing data breaches.

  • Training your team to response to incidents

Compliance & Privacy

Our primary objective is to keep our clients compliant with regulations using a cost-effective maturity model to achieve and maintain compliance effectively & efficiently.

  • Training your team and setting up process

Red Team


Cloud Security






OT/IOT Security

Let's align your CS strategy with Business

Cybersecurity is a process, Not a product or solution and we deliver measurable security outcomes.

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Our Team

As threats evolve, so does our team's expertise. We foster a knowledge-sharing culture, with the 2nd and 4th Saturdays off for our clients, allowing our team to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. This approach ensures we maintain cutting-edge knowledge and skills, enhancing our ability to protect you effectively.

Our Team

Our Team's Contribution in Pay it Forward

Our team have conducted various sessions thought our ellie clients and community.


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