Culture And Team

Life at Certbar

Be bold. Be brilliant. Be part of the coolest cyber defense crew.

Who we are

We’re a team obsessed with cybersecurity. See us as a passionate group of security champions who are on a mission to arm individuals and organizations with the necessary safety measures to stay safe in their digital world.

We are strategists, engineers, and creative minds who love to innovate and push boundaries to create robust cybersecurity solutions. Our team thrives on collaboration to converge the diverse expertise and create advanced security strategies and services.

Be a Guardian

Everyone deserves to be protected online, and we're driven by a commitment to make that happen.

Learn. Grow. Repeat

Curiosity fuels innovation and we're proud lifelong learners who constantly absorb new knowledge to refine our game.

Collaboration is King

We achieve the most through teamwork, open communication, shared ideas, and a supportive environment.

Impact over Metrics

Numbers are important, but our ultimate goal is to empower learners with the knowledge they need to stay safe.

Embrace the Challenge

The cybersecurity landscape changes time and again. We thrive on our ability to tackle complex problems.

Outside the Firewall

Don't just follow the status quo, explore out-of-the-box thinking and calculated risks to achieve breakthrough results.

What we care about

Work-life balance

We understand life is a juggling act and want you to be there for your families and friends. If you have passions outside of work, it’s awesome! We believe in a flexible approach where work supports your life and not the other way around.

Team spirit

We take a "leave no one behind" approach. We're all teammates who work for shared goals. We encourage open communication and self-awareness and share accountability for our contributions to the bigger picture.

Feedback for growth

Open and honest communication is key. We know giving and receiving honest feedback may not be that easy, but it's the fuel for growth. We have fostered a transparent environment and the leadership team follows an open-door policy.

Rewards & recognition

We believe everyone deserves to feel valued for their skills and efforts they bring. If you go the extra mile, be sure your hard work won't go unnoticed! We love to celebrate achievements and reward contributions.

Handle with care

While client satisfaction is important, employee well-being is our top priority. We're passionate about the projects we work on and give our best to deliver exceptional experiences for our clients.

Let's align your CS strategy with Business

Cybersecurity is a process, Not a product or solution and we deliver measurable security outcomes.

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What we look for

We focus on people, not roles Finding the right teammates is quite a task as it’s never about just filling a position; it’s about finding the one who can become an integral part of the Certbar family.
Growth for you, and us Joining our team means you contribute to our success, but we also ensure you grow in your own career. Certbar’s a place where you work with amazing people and clients, and get trained to reach your full potential.
What we love Enthusiasm, curiosity, and a proactive spirit! We value flexibility and the famous ‘go-getter’ attitude that benefits the entire team.

Staying connected is important

To create a strong team spirit even when remote, we hold bi-monthly all-hands meetings! We brainstorm ideas, set goals, celebrate wins, and have fun together. We also embrace flexibility and let you work from anywhere – your home, a coffee shop, or you can even find a new location each day.

Slack and Zoom keep us connected throughout the workday. At times, we take virtual collaboration to a physical space by gathering at our favorite cafe!

Monday blues?

If you say you don’t like Mondays, well, we won’t challenge you! But we continuously work and find ways to develop a work environment where you begin to hate Mondays a bit less each week.

Take breaks

You read it right! We haven’t hired robots. Staring at the screen for long hours can make the surroundings disappear, and we don’t want that. Take a break!

Talk it out

Don't be shy about sharing your thoughts, even if they disagree with someone else's (only robots don't disagree!). Open discussions build a strong team and that’s exactly what we want.

We care for you

Learning & development We invest in your growth by helping you with an annual stipend for conferences, workshops, or online courses. Keep your skills sharp and advance your career!

Mentorship program Get matched with an experienced mentor for much-needed guidance and insights according to your career goals.

Flexible work arrangements We realize everyone has different needs. Our flexible work arrangements like remote work options or compressed workweeks help you achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Paid parental leave We offer generous paid parental leave for new parents, so you can focus on your growing family just how you focus on work.

Casual dress code Dress comfortably and the way you like (not literally) in a casual work environment.

Team events & activities For a fun and social work environment, we have regular team-building events and activities.

For your well-being


Energy boosters

Work life can be fast-paced, so we keep things fun and rewarding! Our perks and programs help you stay energized and motivated.


Mental Health matters

We like to be honest with you! Agency life is a rollercoaster, so we try to make it as fun, rewarding & wholesome as possible.


Lifelong learner

We like to be honest with you! Agency life is a rollercoaster, so we try to make it as fun, rewarding & wholesome as possible.


Client champion

We like to be honest with you! Agency life is a rollercoaster, so we try to make it as fun, rewarding & wholesome as possible.