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Healthcare Security, Fully Covered

Digitalization in healthcare is on the rise. And it is increasing the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks. It is important to safeguard this data as it includes the patient's private information.

Certbar can help you protect sensitive medical information. We help you safeguard patient records and healthcare systems from digital threats with comprehensive cybersecurity services in the Healthcare industry.

Prominent cybersecurity challenges in healthcare

With the increasing use of technology in healthcare, it is important to understand and address common cybersecurity challenges in the Healthcare industry. Here are a few common threats that the healthcare industry is facing:

  • Phishing Attacks
  • DDoS To Bring Down The Servers
  • Browser-Based Attacks On Healthcare Applications
  • Patients PII Data
  • Malware Attacks (Ransomware)
  • Data Breaches
  • Cloud Threats
  • Encryption Blind Spots
  • Insider Threats
  • Medjacking

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How Crucial is Data Security in the Health Tech Sector?

Robust security measures are important to protect sensitive personal health information from breaches and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Patient Trust and Confidentiality

We take security measures to protect personal health information from unauthorized access. It is to make sure that patients can trust healthcare providers to share confidential data related to their health.

Operational Continuity

We implement effective data security measures to protect healthcare systems from cyber attacks. It is to ensure that both emergency and routine medical services can continue without any interruption.

All-in-one security solutions for healthcare applications

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) Security

EHR systems are common in modern healthcare. It includes patient data ranging from diagnostics to treatment histories. Certbar helps you secure these systems against unauthorized access and data breaches. We can maintain patient confidentiality and trust in healthcare institutions.

Network Security

From hospital servers to wearable health monitors, healthcare networks connect everything. Certbar helps you protect these networks against unauthorized access. We make sure that the data is sent from one point to another securely with any potential cyberattacks.

Device and Endpoint Security

IoT devices like infusion pumps and imaging devices are common in healthcare. Each device is a potential entry point for cyber attackers. Certbar helps you by taking comprehensive security measures to safeguard patient data and device functionality.

Access Management

Patient data should be controlled, and access should be given only to authorized personnel. Certbar can help you implement strict authentication and access control measures. It is to ensure that only authorized personnel get access to patient data.

Data Integrity and Backup

Data stored on the cloud and servers can be tampered with. It can impact medical outcomes. So, it is important to ensure the accuracy and completeness of health data. At Certbar, we implement robust backup systems to ensure data recovery. We also implement mechanisms to detect data tampering to make sure that the data is safe.

Ensuring regulatory compliance in healthcare security

We at Certbar take an approach to protecting healthcare data while staying compliant with regulatory standards. Our approach involves a multi-layered strategy to meet the demands of the healthcare sector.

  • GDPR

  • Hippa

  • HITECH Act

  • Creating a meaningful impact

    Certbar's cybersecurity solutions offer a comprehensive approach to ensuring digital safety and compliance in the healthcare industry. We don’t just provide regular reports; we go in-depth to help you solve issues with our consulting services.

    • Detailed Report of Testing
    • On-call Consultation throughout
    • Certificate of VAPT of validity
    • Meet the regulatory requirement
    • Manual Testing (Grey Box)
    • DMARC Solution
    • Phishing simulation awareness
    • Alerts on vulnerabilities

    Sample Report of Security Testing

    Download our sample report to understand how we help healthcare providers safeguard their patient data. It includes a number of parameters and recommendations that can help you prevent threats.

    Sample Report of Security Testing


    Certbar implements rigorous data protection protocols to make sure that all patient data is handled with GDPR's strict privacy and security requirements in mind.

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