Attack Surface Management

Attack Surface Management

Shrink Your Exposure: Comprehensive Attack Surface Management

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, the attack surface of an organization is constantly evolving. Attack Surface Management (ASM) involves the continuous discovery, inventory, classification, and monitoring of an organization's assets to identify potential vulnerabilities and minimize exposure to cyber threats.

Certbar Security’s Attack Surface Management services provide a comprehensive solution to proactively manage and reduce your attack surface. Our team of experts uses advanced tools and techniques to uncover hidden risks, ensuring your organization stays protected against emerging threats.

Invisible to Invincible: Mastering Attack Surface Defense

Different types of Management in this service

Automated Attack Surface Discovery

A manufacturing firm utilized automated attack surface discovery tools to map out all their digital assets, identifying several unpatched systems and outdated software. Addressing these vulnerabilities helped prevent potential disruptions in their production line and protected sensitive data.

Manual Attack Surface Analysis

A fintech company conducted a manual attack surface analysis, revealing hidden APIs and exposed services that automated tools missed. By securing these elements, the company significantly reduced their risk of data breaches and financial fraud.

Attack Surface Management Test Cases

Use automated tools to continuously discover and map all digital assets within the organization.

Work Processes

Identify all digital assets and establish a comprehensive attack surface inventory.

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Our Approach 

Certbar Security uses an "Adaptive Threat Intelligence Integration," combining real-time threat intelligence with attack surface management to dynamically adjust and respond to emerging threats, ensuring proactive and responsive security measures.


Comprehensive Attack Surface Management Strategy

Cybersecurity Culture – Practice Everyday & Keep Adversaries At Bay

Continuous Discovery

Regularly identify and inventory all digital assets, including new devices and services, to maintain an up-to-date attack surface map.

Risk Prioritization

Assess and prioritize risks based on the criticality of assets and potential impact on the organization.

Automated and Manual Assessments

Use a blend of automated tools and expert manual assessments to identify both known and hidden vulnerabilities.

Proactive Remediation

Implement proactive remediation measures to address vulnerabilities promptly and reduce the attack surface.

Securing the Digital Landscape: A Success Story

A leading retail chain partnered with Certbar Security to enhance its attack surface management. By implementing continuous monitoring and comprehensive vulnerability assessments, the retailer significantly reduced its risk exposure and improved its overall security posture. The proactive approach also helped the retailer avoid potential data breaches and maintain customer trust.

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The process of continuously discovering, monitoring, and managing all digital assets and entry points to reduce vulnerabilities and enhance security.

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  • Expert Team
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  • Comprehensive Coverage
    • Thorough monitoring of all digital assets.
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    • Ongoing assistance to maintain optimal security posture.
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