Azure Penetration Testing

Azure Penetration Testing

It's critical to understand which security tasks are handled by Azure and which are your responsibility.

Microsoft Azure provides robust cloud services, but it also presents unique security challenges. Azure Penetration Testing involves evaluating the security configuration of your Azure infrastructure along with identifying & mitigating vulnerabilities. Certbar Security ensures your Azure environment is secure through comprehensive penetration testing, adhering to industry standards and employing advanced techniques.

Certbar Security offers specialized Azure penetration testing services, using advanced tools and methodologies. Our experts assess your Azure configurations, uncover weaknesses, and provide actionable insights to enhance your security posture. We ensure your Azure environment is secure, compliant, and resilient against threats.

Complete Azure Security Assessment

Essential Misuses/Impact Across Industries

Azure Penetration Testing Test Cases

Assessing the security configurations of Azure Blob Storage to prevent data leaks.

Manual Assessment

Certbar Security identified a privilege escalation vulnerability in a healthcare Azure environment through manual testing. This flaw allowed unauthorized access to sensitive patient data. Our remediation recommendations helped the client secure their Azure setup, preventing data breaches and ensuring patient trust.

Automated Assessment

Automated testing revealed misconfigured storage accounts in a fintech Azure environment. Certbar Security's detailed report enabled the client to configure their storage securely, ensuring financial data security and compliance.

Interaction with Other Azure Services

Azure vulnerabilities can affect various services within the cloud environment.

Azure SQL Database

Exposed data due to misconfigured access controls.

Azure Blob Storage

Unauthorized access to sensitive files through misconfigured storage accounts.

Azure Virtual Machines

Exploited VMs leading to unauthorized network access.

Azure Functions

Insecure APIs leading to data breaches.

Our Approach 

Certbar Security's team delves deep into Azure security by analyzing unusual data flows, inspecting IAM policies, and testing for misconfigured services. We leverage our expertise to identify issues even in complex Azure environments.


Work Processes

Understand your requirements and define the testing scope.

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Reporting Standard

Our reports follow industry standards, providing clear and actionable insights for enhancing thick client application security.

Sample Report

A sample pentesting report showcasing how we address industrial standards & regulatory requirements in our documentation.

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Configuration Audit

Learn about identified vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and actionable recommendations to enhance your Azure's security posture.

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Managed Services

Learn more about our managed services for maintaing a resilient security hygiene for cloud infrastructure including malware analysis.

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Securing Azure Environments in Fintech: A Success Story

Certbar Security discovered critical vulnerabilities in a fintech company's Azure environment, including misconfigured storage accounts and exposed sensitive data. Our solutions secured the environment, preventing data breaches and ensuring financial integrity.

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Azure Penetration Testing involves assessing the security of your Azure cloud environment to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities. It's critical to understand the shared responsibility model and which security tasks the cloud provider handles and which tasks you handle. The workload responsibilities vary depending on whether the workload is hosted on Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), or in an on-premises datacenter. (Learn More)

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