Network Penetration Testing

NetworkPenetration Testing

Safeguard your network infrastructure from potential cyber threats.


Network Penetration Testing is essential for identifying vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure, ensuring robust security and operational integrity. Certbar Security uses comprehensive testing methodologies and advanced techniques to safeguard your network against potential threats.

Certbar Security adheres to standards such as OWASP, NIST, and ISO 27001. Our approach combines automated tools and manual testing to uncover vulnerabilities, ensuring your network infrastructure meets best practices and security guidelines.

Shielding Your Network, Defending Your Assets

Essential Misuses/Impact Across Industries

Penetration Testing Test Cases for Networks

Manual Testing

Certbar Security identified a critical vulnerability in a healthcare network through manual testing. This flaw allowed unauthorized access to patient data. Our remediation recommendations helped the client secure their network, preventing data breaches and ensuring patient trust.

Automated Testing

Automated testing revealed weak firewall configurations in a fintech network. Certbar Security's detailed report enabled the client to strengthen their firewall policies, ensuring financial data security and compliance.

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Active Directory

Compromised networks can lead to unauthorized access to AD services.

Email Servers

Network vulnerabilities can expose email communications.

Database Servers

Insecure networks can expose sensitive data stored in databases.

File Servers

Weak network security can result in unauthorized file access and data breaches.

Our Approach 

Certbar Security's team delves deep into network security by analyzing unusual traffic patterns, inspecting network devices, and testing for lateral movement opportunities. We leverage our expertise to identify issues even in complex network environments.


Work Processes

Understand network architecture and configurations.

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Sample Report

A sample pentesting report showcasing how we address industrial standards & regulatory requirements in our documentation.

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Post Exploit

A sample network pentesting report showcasing how we explooited vulnerabilities that were identified in service enumeration phase.

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Request the access to the suite of tools we use during our network penetration testing. This helps you understand the pros and cons of capabilities in different tools.

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Innovative Solutions: A Success Story

Certbar Security discovered critical vulnerabilities in a fintech company's network, including weak firewall configurations and exposed sensitive data. Our solutions secured the network, preventing data breaches and ensuring financial integrity.

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Network Penetration Testing evaluates the security of network infrastructures, identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities.

Reporting Standard

Our reports follow industry standards, providing clear and actionable insights for enhancing thick client application security.


Why Choose Certbar Security

  • Expert Team
    • Skilled professionals with extensive experience in network security.
  • Thorough Testing
    • Combination of automated and manual techniques.
  • Customized Solution
    • Tailored to meet your specific security needs.
  • Detailed Reports
    • Clear actionable recommendations for enhancing security.
  • Continuous Support
    • Ongoing assistance to maintain a strong security posture.
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